COVID 19 reprise de l’activité pêche de loisir

PIGNAN, 04/24/2020

In this serious critical phase due to COVID-19, the professionals that we are, from our field experiences and from MG fishing, professional supervising the Public, it is an avoidable and unavoidable work of recommendations to propose, to be adorned , protect themselves, protect the Public, Professionals, families and also to show solidarity. But in addition and not least to avoid the spread of this virus.

From our knowledge: techniques, learning, materials, environments, supports, audiences, fish, seasons, times, and the security that we apply every day, it was agreed to write at within the FFMGP, specifications for the resumption of our activities in an unknown and dangerous context for all.

Specifications borrowing from "recommendations" therefore kindness to the attention of M-G towards their Audiences, their families, the population, fishermen, onlookers, walkers, environments, fish and ecosystems.

As President of the FFMGP, I would like to thank the entire Board of Directors for having allocated such a few recommendations in such a short time, for having been able to write these few recommendations and for having found the time to do so.

Work done with the utmost seriousness that I know you, your desire to help that I also know, your will to face this Virus which is spreading on a world level, so that we manage to face and face this says COVID-19.

Thank you for your FAULTY IMPLICATIONS.

The President of the FFMGP. M. R. Bouloc. Yours.

Recommendation N ° 1:

Disinfection with product after cleaning with soap rods and reels, lures, before, during and after use of each rod (as many times as necessary if change of rod) with a virucidal and fungicidal product meeting the standard: EN 14476

We recommend having a container with disinfectant solution for immediate use on lures and other equipment, by bathing.

A total bathing of Waders boots, waders, in a fungicidal, virucidal solution.

Cleaning decks and hand contact points on boats with a virucidal and fungicidal product meeting the standard: EN 14476 Recommendation No. 2: PPE trainee

The trainee is asked to bring his own PPE, masks, glasses, caps or hat. Clothing, long sleeves and pants are preferable.

Wearing of the individual mask provided by the trainee himself (Respecting the limit of duration of use of the masks, therefore in sufficient quantity).

We recommend that the trainee bring their own fishing gear. If the equipment is supplied by the guide-guide, lures and bait in particular, only the fishing guide-guide will handle this equipment.

Recommendation N ° 3: PPE Monitor-Guide

Disinfection of all safety equipment with a suitable product complying with Standard EN 14476.

Machine wash personal clothes of the fishing M-G will be done alone, to the exclusion of all other clothes from the family home (do not mix with family clothes).

Recommendation N ° 4: Virucidal disinfectants, fungicides…

Bactinyl, Scraper, Purogerm HM4, Apabio…. We recommend the use of APABIO type product, because it is biodegradable.

Le lavage au savon reste la recommandation de base minimale.

Recommendation N ° 5: Maximum number of trainees welcomed on boats at sea and in fresh water

1 trainee + instructor-guide on units of less than 5 m From 5m 1 fishing guide-instructor + 2 trainees From 6m 1 fishing guide-instructor +3 trainees Above 8M, 1 instructor-guide fishing + 4 trainees

The groups will be formed by the trainees themselves and will have to respect the state deconfinement rules (family groups, departmental, regional, national groups of people)

We recommend preserving around 3m2 (radius of 1m around the trainee, i.e. a virtual surface of 3.14m2 per person distributed over the entire surface of the bridge) per trainee, in compliance with the distance separation measures recommended by the state .

Recommendation N ° 6: Number of trainees welcomed on board for those over 18 years old in fresh water or at sea without activity supports * (* boat, float tube ...)

Maximum 2 trainees For mobile fishing (fly, shore lure, etc.)

The groups will be formed by the trainees themselves and will have to respect the rules of deconfinement of the state (family groups, groups of people from departmental, regional, national origins)

Maximum 4 trainees for static fishing (Coup, surf casting, Feeder, touchdown…). It is the instructor who will be responsible for traveling to each trainee during the service. Recommendation N ° 7: Number of trainees welcomed on board for those under 18 in fresh water or at sea without activity supports * (* boat, float tube ...)

No supervision of minors under the age of twelve outside the family framework. In order to benefit from an internship, minors under the age of 12 must be in the presence of an adult parent and a practicing fisher.

For children over 12, supervision must be limited to 2 trainees.

Recommendation N ° 8: Complement the first aid kit and the sanitary equipment. Obtain latex gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, disinfection wipe.

Storage of waste in a specific bin for sanitary waste on boats.

On board, trainees must bring their trash bag for their own waste (mask, gloves, etc.).

A garbage bag positioned in another garbage bag, which will go to "non-recyclable" waste.

End of current list of recommendations.

Sorry Mr. Adrien Morenas for the delay in sending and any errors in this letter, we deliver it to you as is.

Sincerely yours

-M. Robert Bouloc Président du Conseil d’Administration de la FFMGP 06 03 78 48 78 Courriel : Site web de la FFMGP : Facebook : Siège Social de la FFMGP : Espace Angel PEREZ Rue Jean-Michel SERIVE-MATTËI 34570 Pignan SIRET : 529 321 374 00025 N°Association : W093 000 230 « FFMGP » est une marque déposée à l’INPI