My pedagogy and my knowledge are there to improve you in this sport / leisure. We will approach a fishing technique in particular according to your desires and the current fishing conditions.

Targetted species


Bluefin tuna, bonito, pelamide, dentex, leer, swordfish, blue skin sharks, fox

Sea Fishing techniques


We will approach, according to your needs, a precise fishing technique, such as:

  • Lure fishing & fly fishing on tuna hunts (bluefin tuna pelamid).
  • Lure fishing (poppering & stick bait) + slow trolling (denti dentex leer fish liche xiphias gladius tuna).
  • La pêche au broumé – en « stand up » (thon rouge xiphias gladius espadon requins peau bleu, renard).

Durée 8h



2 persons 220€/pers
4 persons 200€/pers
Privatization 720€

Envie d’en savoir plus sur un stage de perfectionnement à la pêche en mer ?


I will be happy to answer your questions